The Sydney Furniture Removals Hokey Pokey

  • We put your furniture in,
  • We take your furniture out,
  • We put your furniture in,
  • And don’t shake it all about,
  • You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn around,
  • That’s what it’s all about…

…what do you think the chances of two unconnected people engaging the same Sydney removalist to move out of and into the same house are?


There must be hundreds if not thousands of removals companies in Sydney, so you would think the chances would be pretty slim right?

Well, with Access Furniture Removals, it happens more often than you might think. Only the other day we moved someone into the house that we were busy moving someone out of – two different crews.

This was quite rare for it to actually happen on the same day, but we do with some amount of regularity end up moving people in to houses that we have moved someone out of sometime before.

There’s even been cases where we have moved someone into a house that we have already moved someone in to before! The record goes to an apartment in Balmain that we have done 7 moves in to and out of… for FOUR different customers!

I think part of the secret lies in where the work is coming from. Most of the people moving in and out of the same house will have no association with each other, however people can independently be referred from the same source.

Further to this sometimes the real estate agent or property stylist will recommend a removalist and with many rental properties in Sydney, you can often get called back to a place you’ve been before!

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