Office Removals Sydney

When it comes to office removals in Sydney, whether you require a large multi-floor office move across town, a small CBD move or simply are re-organising your workplace, there are elements in common for every office move:
Office Removals Sydney

Minimising Disruption

Down time is time that your business is not making money. A good office move should be able to be scheduled to minimise impact during working hours so that the basic essentials are back up and running as soon as possible. At Access Furniture Removals we pride ourselves on providing this service to our clients.

Building Management

Some buildings restrict the hours that moves can be carried out. Lifts may require booking and protecting, there might be height restrictions and parking simply may not be possible. The number of removalists, the timing of the job and the size of the vehicle are things that Access Furniture Removals will take into consideration when planning your office move

Important Equipment & Sensitive Data

Access Furniture Removals recognise the need to take special care when moving computers, photocopiers, servers and other sensitive data. We appreciate that loss of such equipment and information can have repercussions for the functionality of an office.


Whether you choose to pack yourself or engage our Packing Service Team, a smooth move requires all items to be carefully packed and storage. Access Furniture Removals can provide boxes, cartons or specialist removals crates. Ensuring items are neatly contained will speed up the cost of your move and reduce costs.

Like with any move, organisation and planning is the key to any office move. Before your move, make sure your furniture will fit into the new space and draw up a draft plan of where furniture should go. This will ensure a smooth transition of work spaces.

Access Furniture Removals offer a “Dismantle and Reassemble” service and are experienced in the reconstruction of work stations and general office furniture. Please note that any data-cabling or electrical work will need to be completed by an accredited professional.

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