Removals Prices

As with many removals companies, we primarily work on an hourly rate. However, what differentiates us from many of the competition is that this our Sydney removals prices are a flat rate throughout the day and week. We don’t charge extra for weekends, late starts or finishes or overnight moves. As well as this page, please also see our removalist prices page for some examples and timing guidelines.

Sydney Removals Prices Our hourly rate for a 4 tonne truck with two removalists is:

$150.00 per hour* + travel**

* plus GST
** This is a one off additional charge, based on zones from base:

  • <15 km no travel
  • 15-30 km: 1/2 hours travel charge
  • 30-50 km: 1 hours travel charge
  • 50+ km by time to pick up/destination

Additional removal staff

Trucks with our standard service come with two furniture removal specialists, however we are very happy to provide additional men for any job. Additional removalists are available on the following hourly rate:

  • $55.00 per man per hour, plus GST

Sydney Removals Prices – Discounts

At Access Removals we understand that circumstances may vary for our different customers so we are proud to offer discounts of varying degrees, depending on how you found us and to cater for our differing clients. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Returning customers
  • Customers that have been referred to us
  • Supporters of FBI 94.5
    (Sydney’s Sydney’s music, arts and culture station FM radio station)
  • Students / Concessions

Removals Extras

For the large majority of moves, all you will expect to pay is for the hours on the job, plus any associated travel if applicable. However there are extras that you may wish to be purchased or charged:

Pianos and balcony lifts

Piano removal We will only move a piano if there is less than 5 stairs in a single flight, though multiple flights of 5 is acceptable, and there is an extra charge for any piano move. Most balcony lifts we carry out as part of the service, however there are exceptions such as jobs where we have had to arrange a crane for an item to go over a balcony.

Road Tolls

If we are required to incur a road toll over the course of travel between your pick-up and drop-off we may pass the charge on to you. Please let us know if you do not want us to travel using toll roads (note we will only use a toll road when the travel time is anticipated to be less than a non-toll option).

Port-a-robes & plastics

Access Furniture Removals can provide port-a-robes and mattress/lounge protectors either by arrangement or available for purchase on the day of your move.

Packing Materials

In addition to port-a-robes and removals plastics, we have a full range of packing materials available. Please view or download Packing Materials Checklist (in PDF format) for a complete list of all our available packing materials.

Pre-inspection cleaning

Though we do not have our own cleaning service, we are happy to refer you to one of our contract cleaners. This service would not be included in our normal removals prices.

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