Sydney City Removals

I often feel privileged working in the industry I do. With Sydney City removals, we see everything from small pokey apartments to expansive mansions. One day you can be looking out over the beach and another driving up to the Blue Mountains. Then, there are some days, when you arrive in a customer’s Sydney apartment and wonder: “Why are you moving?!”

Apparently, this apartment gets too much sunlight in the mornings and the lift to the 36th floor was very slow… there is no pleasing some people!

Sydney apartment removals

Sydney apartment removals

Regardless, there are many nice apartment complexes within the Sydney CBD which present a few issues for moving:

  • With real estate at a premium, access can be tight. Garages and carpark entrances are generally limited to 3.2m – 3.4m and in some cases such as the Bennelong Apartments, there is no truck access at all
  • Traffic in and around Sydney City is bad at the best of times. Now with George St closed off and the multiple one-way systems, navigation is a nightmare
  • Concierge buildings will require lifts to be booked in advance and will require punctual timing for the removalists

Access Furniture removals uses all kinds and sizes of removals vehicles & combinations thereof. So, if your building only has a clearance of 3.2m at the loading dock, that is not a problem, we will send a 21 cubic metre truck that is 3.1m tall, but, if this does not fit everything, we will send a second vehicle, or simply do two trips!

Similarly, if there is no access for trucks at all, we will send a ferry vehicle to bring everything from the lift exit to the truck. Yes, moves like this may take longer, but sometimes it is the only way to do it.

We are also aware that lifts may need to be booked in advance so will try to schedule your move for a time whereby we can arrive punctually. For instance, setting the start time as early as possible so your move is the first of the day. If you are unloading to a building that requires a narrow window of lift access to be booked, we will try to schedule the unload for a time that takes account of the start and loading time for what you have.

Sydney City removals

Sydney City removals

Sydney City Removals: move from Lumiere Building, Bathurst St Sydney

The Lumiere building on Bathurst St has a loading dock clearance of 3.4m so on a recent move that we carried out we sent our smaller truck (3.1m clearance as mentioned above) however, as the total volume exceeded the carrying capacity for this truck, we sent an additional vehicle as well.

Apartment: 1 bedroom
Volume to be moved: 25 cubic metres
Vehicles used: Access 2 (21 cubic metres) & Access 3 (5 cubic metres)

We were provided access to the lift for two hours so we used three removalists to get everything loaded in time.

Hourly rate: $170.00 per hour
Hours: 3.5
Additional (materials):

  • 10 large boxes @ $4.95 each
  • 10 small boxes @ $3.85 each
  • 1/3 bundle paper @ $60.00
  • 1 roll tape @ $3.50 each

Total cost: $706.50

Sydney Suburbs:

  • Barangaroo 2000
  • Bennelong Point 2000
  • Broadway 2007
  • Central 2000
  • Circular Quay 2000
  • City 2000
  • Cockle Bay 2000
  • Darling Harbour 2009
  • Darlinghurst 2010
  • Darlington 2008
  • Dawes Point 2000
  • Eveleigh 2015
  • Haymarket 2000
  • King Street Wharf 2000
  • Kings Cross 2011
  • Martin 2000
  • Millers Point 2000
  • Port Jackson 2000
  • Pyrmont 2009
  • Strawberry Hill 2013
  • Surry Hills 2010
  • Taylor Square 2010
  • The Rocks 2000
  • Ultimo 2007
  • University of Technology Sydney 2007
  • Walsh Bay 2000
  • Woolloomooloo 2011
  • Wynyard 2000

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