Balmain Removals

Quite a few of our jobs with difficult access revolve around Balmain removals. For those of you in Sydney who aren’t familiar; Balmain Shores is a large residential development sitting on the corner of Victoria Road near the Iron Cove Bridge in Rozelle. The development is a series of apartment blocks sloping down from the main road access to the waterfront park. This is where the problems for removalists begin!

Balmain removals - Drummoyne limited access jobThe main access point for the majority of these apartments starts from a roundabout which leads down to the underground car park. Unfortunately, it seems the developers didn’t consider the height of most removalist trucks as the clearance of the garage is only 2.1m, restricting access and making moving a challenge. In this case a ‘ferry vehicle’ (usually a small van) is almost always necessity.

Enter Access Removals.

Our Sydney removalist company was called in to relocate a three bedroom ground floor unit for a ‘pack and move’ to Drummoyne.

Balmain area removalsThis garden apartment was located at the very bottom of the development and backed on to Bridgewater Park with no road access. After some discussion with Building Management, Access Removals negotiated access along the shore-line footpath so that we could park the truck at our customer’s back door.

Arriving early in the morning with a crew of 3 removalists and a whole load of boxes, we met up with the Building Manager of the complex. They opened up the chained gate, normally reserved for local council access, and left us to the job. We reversed approximately 400m along the footpath, and pulled up at the park behind the garden. As luck would have it, the wall for the garden was the same height as the back of the truck so we did not even need to use the truck access ramp!

Once on site, we set to work. Two of the crew started packing, one in the kitchen and one in the bedrooms, whilst the other started taking single carries to the truck. As more cartons were packed and larger items were required in the truck, one of the packing removalists switched over to carrying furniture. After approximately 4 hours, the apartment was packed and the truck fully loaded and ready to go. This just left us with the drive over to Drummoyne and two steep flights of stairs to deal with. Believe it or not the short trip to Drummoyne was nearly as far as our “off road” experience with the truck. The rest of the move progressed swiftly, and uneventfully.

Overall, our footpath adventures saved significant time & money for our customer, eliminating the need for a ferry vehicle and additional time spent on double handling.

Balmain removals example

3 Bedroom Balmain Apartment, Pack & Move:

Total hours: 6.5
Hourly rate: $150.00 per hour
Cost of materials: $210.00*

Total bill: $1185.00

* A refund of $115.00 was issued once cartons were made available for collection.

Please note: the above costing is provided as a guide only and all relocations have different requirements on time and materials.

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