Packers and Movers Sydney

Access Removals has been around for quite a while now, and as such we have built up quite the reputation in Sydney as reliable and cost effective packers and movers.

There are three stages to any successful relocation.

Packing: getting everything prepared so that items are protected and are easy to move. Usually this means putting everything in to boxes so that packed contents can easily be transported and protected in the removals vehicle. We may also wrap delicate furniture items as part of a packing job and place all the boxes together for an easy move. If you are going to be staying the night at the current property, it is also important that anything that is needed for the overnight stay is left unpacked. Further to this, we would try to stack the packed cartons in a way that vital areas of the house were still easily accessible.

Packers and movers Sydney

Packers and Movers

Moving: the part where everything is taken from the pick-up address to the drop-off address and placed in the desired location. A large majority of the time, items will go back to a similar place at the new property (eg. master bedroom to master bedroom, dining to dining, etc.) however, having a clear plan of where furniture is to go at the new place makes for an easier moving process.

Unpacking: getting your house or apartment set back up so that normal daily life can resume. In the vast majority of cases, most customers will unpack themselves. Most of the time when we are asked to do unpacking, it is only a kitchen that we have packed and maybe dining / lounge room as well as these can easily be done on the day of the move to get the house at least partially set up. We also use wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes which means these can be unpacked very easily. A full household unpack can be quite lengthy so is often better the following day.

Unpacking Sydney


As experienced packers and movers Sydney; which part is more important?

In some respects, the packing is the most important part of the process

  • Out of the three parts listed above, if you are engaging a removalist, then you will definitely be paying for the moving part. In order for the removailsts to do their job successfully, everything will need to be packed!
  • This is the part where by your items are prepared for the move. If fragile items are thrown in to a box with little or no padding, then no matter how good the removalists are, the chances of breakages are a lot higher than with well packed cartons
  • A house or apartment that is well packed can make the difference between a swift, easy, stress-less move and a stressful drawn out procedure. Time spent packing boxes or grabbing loose items that could have been packed is time that could have been spent moving

We are not just packers and movers however. Access Furniture Removals offers a pre-packing & unpacking service as well as our moving services, so that you can do as much or as little as you like!

For the most part, we would want to do packing the day before the move, then, depending on how much unpacking was required, this would either be carried out as part of the unloading from the move or on the following day for a full unpack.

Packing the day before allows us to get a better scope of the move for the following day and to have everything ready for the move, however this is not always possible which is why we often do pack & moves on the same day as well. Usually a pack & move would be limited to a one or two bedroom apartment as larger properties naturally take longer to pack and with moving as well, it can end up being a long day!

So, whether you want a full household pack with the possibility of unpacking or just a couple of hours packing to finish everything off before the removalists arrive, please call us on 0420 908 290 or submit the enquiry form and we will provide you with a quote!


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