Balcony Lifts

Balcony lifts may look difficult, but we have a lot of experience & use tried & true methods to achieve a successful balcony lift.

For example, when we were shown the pictures of a three piece lounge suite that was to be collected and delivered, we were not worried, even though the customer suggested that we would need to put them over the balcony (a balcony lift). We were more worried about the large wood and glass bookshelf that we were to pick up from Lilli Pilli. The main reason we were called was our expertise in balcony lifts, and the customer was anticipating having to put everything over the balcony. Thankfully, the bookcase went up the stairs without a hitch or even cursing, however there may have been a little sweat!

Balcony lifts - Chippendale, SydneyUnfortunately, the pictures of the lounge suite that were supplied had no frame of reference to display their size. So, when we arrived at the auction house in Alexandria to collect the lounge suite I was shocked! What looked like a standard sized chair was approximately 140% larger than expected and then I knew the balcony lift was on! With the furniture loaded, we drove to Chippendale and set about preparing the lounges to be lifted safely.

The two images show both the three seater lounge being prepared for the lift and actually being lifted. To protect the furniture whilst it’s being lifted, it is usually wrapped in blankets. Many new fabric and leather lounges come wrapped in plastic, which, though providing some degree of protection, would also still be prepared in this fashion. As these lounges were painted wood, protecting them from any rubbing or banging is very important.

Balcony lift - Chippendale, SydneyAs can be seen from the images, two removals blankets are used to completely cover the lounge. This is then covered with a network lattice of straps such that there is no chance of either a strap slipping off or the lounge moving. This ‘web’ is made by tying straps vertically across the narrow part of the lounge with additional straps around the longer circumference – the circumference straps intersecting the vertical straps at every junction to pull the straps taught. Any slack that is left in the straps is removed by tying more straps till the web is complete.

The other image shows the lounge being lifted. It is possible to see that the feet have been placed towards the wall to avoid any knocking that may occur on the way up. This lift was performed with three removalists as we had two at the top doing the lifting, with the third using a strap at the bottom to keep the lounge away from the wall. Luckily the lounge was not too heavy and was easily lifted with two at the top.

Balcony lifts – example pricing

Collection / delivery of 4 items from two locations + balcony lift:

Total hours: 3.5
Hourly rate: $150.00 per hour

Total bill: $525.00*

* Because the balcony lifts were performed as part of the move, there was no additional charge and the customer was only charged for the time on the job. We usually charge an extra fee if we are only performing a balcony lift.

Please note: the above costing is provided as a guide only and all relocations have different requirements on time and materials.

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