Self Storage

There are many situations where our clients request storage of their household goods. Access removals can offer Sydney self storage through a number of partnered storage facilities across Sydney, and due to our close relationship we are often able to negotiate an excellent rate for our clients. With multiple locations across Sydney we can find a storage solution that is right for you and your situation.

How to choose the right self-storage solution for you:

  • Going travelling for a year?

Self Storage Sydney If you won’t require access to your items and storage unit, a less local, cheaper facility is often the best option.

  • Out of your property but unable to move into your new home for a few days?

While most storage facilities charge by the month, Access Furniture Removals are often able to negotiate a deal that is right for you.

  • Renovating?
  • Selling your Home?
  • Simply run out of space?

For situations where you will require easy access to your belongings a local facility is usually the best solution. You might be surprised at how many local storage facilities there are in your area.

Storage fees and charges can vary however there are other things that should be considered when choosing a storage facility.

  • Do you need lift access?
  • Is there a long walk to your storage unit?

These are things that can impact the time it takes to move items between the truck and the unit and can vary the cost of your move.

  • What are the opening hours?
  • Can you attend the unit yourself?

If you need easy access to your items this may be an important consideration.

  • Do you need security?
  • Does the facility offer insurance?

Many storage companies will provide a level of insurance for your items whilst in storage but it is important to check the particulars. As the saying goes, “if it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring!”.

Whilst we specialise in transport, Access Furniture Removals are happy to negotiate and arrange storage if requested, or we can simply put you in touch with one of our trusted providers. Whatever the best option is for you, we can assist.

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