Sydney Packing Services

Packing is the most important part of a relocation as it can mean the difference between a smooth, quick & trouble free relocation and a long drawn out stressful affair. Most of our customers are happy to pack their homes themselves, however many do not have the time or have inventory that requires special attention. All of our Sydney packing staff are fully trained and are experts in removals packing. We find that often clients have not considered a home packing service, or how cheap it can be. We have options that can suit almost anyone’s needs whether you require a full pack and move or just a few select items.

Pack & move

Sydney packing services For a pack and move, we will arrive on the day of your move to an unpacked or partially packed home. Depending on the size of your property and your time frame we will send a number of packers/removalists as appropriate. However, let us take the example of an unpacked 1 bedroom unit.

Arriving with 2 packers/removalists and all the necessary packing materials that you are unable to provide yourself, we would start packing. One of the packers/movers would be packing exclusively, whilst the second would start loading packed boxes and single man carries into the truck, packing additional cartons as required. The aim would be to have every carton and single man carry loaded and packed into the truck by the time the household packing is completed. This is the most efficient way of single day pack and moves.

Pre-pack & move

For larger packing jobs we prefer to pack the day prior to the relocation. Our staff will have a walk through the property with you to identify the scope of works you require for the packing and assess any items or personal effects that you require up to the time to your move and any items that you wish left unpacked. A good example of this is a change of clothes for the following day, toothbrush, tea / coffee, some crockery and some cutlery. Once your requirements have been assessed, we will pack up your belongings to a standard where we are happy to do the relocation the following day.

This will require leaving some unpacked cartons for essential items, such as the bedding on your bed if you are staying at your home overnight, or the contents of your fridge. We are able to provide ‘eski’ boxes on request for refrigerated items, though this must be discussed prior to your relocation.

Our policy with pre-packing is to make sure the majority of the work is done ready for transportation to your new home the following day, however we also recognise that the property must be left in a state in which you can still live in! Boxes will be stored in piles for easy access the following day in a location that can be selected by you.

Unpacking services

In addition to our packing services, we offer a home unpacking service which commences on arrival at the drop off address with a specialist unpacker. If unpacking has been booked through our office the truck will be loaded differently so that boxes can swiftly be removed for our specialist unpackers to commence work. Our dedicated unpacker will then start unpacking as the truck is unloaded, with the aim of having the truck unloaded at the same time as the unpacking finishes.

With our packing, relocating and unpacking services, it’s very possible for you to leave the house on one day and return to your new house unpacked – all as if we were never there!

So what do our Sydney packing services cost?

Access Removals charges packing by the hour, plus the cost of any materials (← download PDF checklist – right click, select save) required. Depending on your location, we may charge travel time to get to your job. Please note, a 2.5 hours minimum charge will normally apply.

Rate for two packers:

$121.00 per hour inc. GST

As a guide, a ‘standard’ one bedroom unit should take 2-4 hours to fully pack, whilst a 4 bedroom house could take 6-8 hours. On average, each room will require 5-10 cartons, however kitchens usually require a lot more.

Using our home packing service takes a lot of the stress out of your move and will save you time. We offer cartons for rental from as little as $2.00 per carton, which can dramatically reduce the cost of your move. Contact us today for an obligation free quote.

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